Sunday, 23 December 2007

$2.5m Triplets home to Bruff!

After extensive medical treatment in the US, the O’Riordans are home for their first Christmas.

John O’Riordan and his wife, Valerie, were both working in New York when the children were born three months prematurely. John was vice president in a bank and Valerie worked as a nurse.

The birth of the triplets was all the more remarkable given that Valerie was 48 at the time. “After having Laura — who is now eight — we decided that we wanted another child. But there were difficulties and after a number of years with IVF I became pregnant again,” said Valerie.

Triplets Gerry, Sean and Jean arrived on December 12, 2005 — three months premature.

“They spent more than three months in hospital and they really were miracle babies to get through given their weights when they were born. Gerry was three pounds four ounces, Jean three nine and Sean was four pounds.”

The couple had health insurance, which was just as well given that the hospital bills came to $2.5m.

However, caring for the babies when they came home from hospital took up so much time and work, the couple decided it was time to move back home to Bruff, Co Limerick, where they had already bought a house.

“It was just feed, feed, feed. And there was little or no back-up care in New York for mothers who had multiple births. It wasn’t a great situation. But now as they are getting older they are developing their own personalities and I would have it no other way since coming back home. You have to be positive from the moment you get up in the morning and enjoy the children and our life,” Valerie said.

Since arriving back last September, quality of life has changed dramatically. They have a fantastic support team of parents, brothers, sisters, nieces, cousins and in-laws who all help with the triplets.

“We have no problem if we want to go out for a night,” Valerie said.

* If any mother who has had a multiple birth would like to share their experience, Valerie can be contacted on

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