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Commemoration Ceremony at Grange, Co . Limerick on Sunday 18th December

Commemoration Ceremony at Grange, Co . Limerick on Sunday last
Despite the very treacherous road conditions around Grange, Co. Limerick a large group of people made their way to the the Church in Grange last Sunday morning. A Mass of Commemoration was celebrated to commemorate the memory of those who were killed at Caherguillamore on Sunday 27th December 1920.
After Mass a ceremony was held at the Republican plot in the adjoining graveyard. Many County Councillors joined invited guests as wreath was laid.  Fr. Joseph Foley C.C Bruff, recited a decade of the Rosary. The Last Post sounded and the National Anthem was sung as the National Flag was raised. 
The wreath was laid and the oration delivered by Patrick O’Donovan T.D. In a thoughtful and inspiring oration the T.D spoke about the events at Caherguillamore and placed them in the context of our present state of affairs.

He pointed out that we are approaching a time when many significant centenary celebrations or memorials will take place. These include  the birth of the Irish Labour movement in Clonmel , the outbreak of the First World War, the 1916 Rising, the end of the Great War in 1918, The War of Independence 1920. The most significant centenary will be  in 2016
T.D. . O’Donovan said  “ ...  we need to ask ourselves  as we approach Easter  1916, what kind of Ireland do we want for future generations, and do we ensure that the legacy of Caherguillamore is properly lived out . I firmly believe that an essential part of that legacy building must be the pursuit  by political leaders , of common goals on behalf of the Irish people.”
“Just like Robert Frost in the poem, “The Road not Taken,” Ireland is now at a junction. We have been presented with a choice, to take a road of looking backwards, of seeking recriminations. Of apportioning blame or we can take a road of looking forward , of building hope, of confronting  problems of working together. The second road while it sounds the most positive, is the most difficult, especially for political leaderss, and is like Robert Frost said, the road less travelled. Now more than ever Ireland’s political leaders need to be brave, and to show the same courageas those at Caherguillamore. And while the modern challenge is not one of armed struggle, it is still one of adversity, of conquering economic problems rather than roblemsof occupation, and in doing so winning again our national sovereignity, our ability to make our own decisions and the right of the people again to self-determination”
On the recent visit of the Queen of England, he said “  I am certain that those that gathered (in Caherguillamore) on that faithful night to raise funds for the pursuit of freedom, would never have imagined that the grandaughter of the then King George V would, two short generations later, would vist the Garden of Rememberance in Dublin and bow her head as a mark of respect to thos who lost their lives fighting for Ireland”
Mr. O’Donovan finished by thanking those reponsible for organising such ceremonies saying that woithout the commitment of local volunteers  other generations would lose a vitally important part of our heritage which is such a critical part of our identity.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Event on Sunday 13th November at Lower Grange, Co. Limerick

A Plaque is to be unveiled to commemorate an important military action in the War of Independence.  The incident was known as “The Ambush at Grange” and took place on the 8th November 1920
The Plaque will be unveiled by historian Tom Toomey. Mr. Toomey’s book “The War of Independence in Limerick, 1919-1921” was published recently.
The ceremony starts at 2.00 pm on Sunday 13th November and will take place at Lower Grange, on the Limerick Rd, on the city side of the Hamlet pub.
The event is organised by the Sean Wall Memorial Committee, originally founded to plan the construction of the Sean Wall Monument in Main Street, Bruff.
All  members of the public who are interested are most welcome.
The ceremony will include a short talk by Thomas Twomey, the raising of the National Flag, the playing of the National Anthem and the Last Post. Prayers will be led by Canon James Costello from Bruff and  Fr. Michael Cussen from Fedamore.
Secretary of the Sean Wall Memorial Committee, Mr. Michael J. Noonan said  “we believe it is important to have some tangible reminder of these actions, honouring the bravery of the people involved. We must never forget that the birth of our nation was not gained easily”

The Grange Ambush
Information had been gathered in the Bruff Battalion area about a convoy of one or maybe two lorrys of RIC and Black and Tans that travelled between Limerick and Bruff. It was decided to ambush the convoy at Grange Bridge, a point about eight miles from Limerick and about four miles from Bruff. The ambush was set for Monday 8 November 1920. Because the ambush site was on the border between the 3rd Battalion East Limerick Brigade and the 4th Battalion Mid Limerick Brigade it was decided that the action would be a joint action involving the flying columns of both brigades.They would be supported by men from the local companies of Bruff,Grange and Holy Cross in the East Limerick Brigade and from the Fedamore and Ballybricken Companies of the Mid Limerick Brigade. Donnchadha O'Hannigan had overall command of the combined columns and most of the ambushers were placed in houses and behind walls on both sides of the road.

Page 453  “The War of Independence in Limerick 1912-1921 by Thomas Toomey
Quoted with permission from Thomas Twomey

Further information from Michael J Noonan : Sec : Sean Wall Memorial Committee 086 8116270 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            086 8116270      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Friday, 28 October 2011

Sean Wall Committee

The project to renovate Bruff Church of Ireland is nearing completion.  The final phase, the repair of the tower will begin next week.

Bruff Community Meeting

The meeting held last evening, was well attended. The meeting had an informal structure, with much positive discussion about the future of Bruff. A website for the community is planned and a process has begun to design a logo for Bruff

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Community Meeting this evening!

An open meeting will be held this evening to look at ways for different groups to work together for the betterment of Bruff. The meting starts at 8.00pm and will take place in the Protestant Church Building, Main Street, Bruff. All are welcome!

Friday, 1 July 2011

Bruff Summer Festival Launch 2011

Bruff Summer Festival starts this evening with a great parade promising plenty of surprises. It is followed by the first stage of the Morning Star Rose Competition and a full weekend of fun. Don't miss it !

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Tickets for Bloomsday went quickly!

Bloomsday 2011  was a great success. Check out reports here

Friday, 8 April 2011

Bloomsday in Bruff 16th June 2011

For the latest information and ticket info visit
 Bloomsday in Bruff  at

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Bruff Heritage Group

Bruff Heritage Group is a recently formed group working hard to preserve several aspects of local heritage. Recent projects have included the publication of a book of photographs (recently re-published) and two well attended photographic exhibitions. Visit their website by clicking here