Saturday, 26 March 2016


On this Easter Sunday, the Sean Wall Memorial Committee invites you once again to join with us in  a short, simple and dignified memorial ceremony.

The idea for a memorial to the fallen heroes of the 3rd Battalion was conceived and a committee was formed representative of the surviving members of the battalion. It took many years to raise the money for the memorial. Many IRA brigades were split by the Civil War, and this committee was remarkable for being one of the first which contained men from both sides. The fine detailing of this monument, unveiled by Sean T. O'Kelly in  October 1952, is indicative of high quality craftsmanship. Its prominent location, and the fact that it is larger than life, makes it a focal point in Bruff.

Over the decades since that day the Sean Wall Memorial Committee has endeavoured to be faithful to the words of the original memorial committee chairman, over 60 years ago.
“It is grand to think that those men are remembered. It is grand to see that so many men have come here to honour their memory and to keep their traditions. I hope the younger generations will do so in the future”

During the years since then, the weather has varied, as have the numbers attending both here each Easter and  in Grange, each December (at the Republican Plot in the cemetery adjacent to the church). It is to the credit of the Sean Wall Memorial Committee that they have honoured  the memory over these many years.

Today we will have the same simple and dignified ceremony that has taken place each year. In each place we have prayed, raised the National Flag to the sound of the Last Post and then sung the National Anthem,
 In Bruff, the Proclamation has been read and in Grange each year a guest (in the tradition and spirit of the original committee, speakers  have come from right across the political spectrum)  is invited to give an oration. In the last dozen years we have published a programme at each ceremony that has given much history and background to the story.

On April 24th the 100th anniversary we will have another celebration. On that day, young and old will join together, in words and music to commemorate once again.

From the first Chairman, William Purcell, to the present Chair of the Memorial Committee Mr. Thomas Meaney, the aim of continuity in remembrance, has been an aim “ the hope that younger generations will do so in the future.”

In the last few weeks, the work of our schools, and local community has done so much to inform our children about the story of the early years of our nation. Respect for the National Flag has been encouraged.  Many parents have also made significant efforts to help their children to understand the history of their native land.

It is perhaps symbolic, that this programme has an image of Sean Wall on the front cover, and on  the back, a picture of young Patrick Barry, standing in front of the Proclamation and the National Flag in Dail Eireann just this week.

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