Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Bruff and District Cultural and Arts Society

Reminder! The next Committee meeting is due to take place on Thursday 18th January at 8.30 pm in Clancy's Restaurant.

As we said in our last Newsletter we had plans for organising a St. Patrick's Festival, including bookings with Bands from Wales and USA. We had a very innovative approach planned for a weekend spectacular. We now find that The Community Council are going to organise a Parade and therefore we will not duplicate events...... but we wish them the very best!

Summer Festival 2006. We have plenty of photos' of the Summer Festival and a selection will appear on
We will also include photos of the two Historical walks on the For those who enjoyed them we are a having a Town Historical walk as part of the Ballyhoura International Walking Festival and I will give further details soon so that it can be noted in diaries!
Christmas Festival 2006... we don't have so many particular Santy coming down the Main Street with his wonderful horse and carriage..... if you have some we would love a copy!

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